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SEBI Visit

Venue: SEBI Office, Delhi

Conducted by: Rekha Mam

Organized by: Career and Development Cell, Ramjas College

After completing its first successful event on CV building, The Career and Development Cell of Ramjas College had organized an educational visit to SEBI under the guidance of Om sir. For imparting knowledge to the students on the banking system of the country and the pragmatics of the stock market, a utilitarian session was conducted with our adulated speaker Rekha Mam. The session began with a discussion on various investment schemes and tips as to which bank account should a student use and then moved on to the other complexities of the banking system. The display of solved practical problems on simple interest and compound interest also widened the knowledge of students. She then enlightened on the detailed procedure of trading securities in the capital market and how SEBI protect the interest of investors and facilitates them.

Afterward, the session was concluded by an individual question and answer session to clear all queries of the students. Everyone was provided with certificates and refreshments at the end of the workshop. The event turned out to be a tremendous success both in quantity and quality aspect as the slots were full and the students gave a positive response stating that it enhanced their knowledge and understanding horizon. This session was more special as it was the first event that was hosted by any Society of Ramjas College. The Career and Development cell will continue to organize such informative sessions in the future as well and cater to all career-related aspects of the students.

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NSE Visit

Venue: National Stock Exchange, Delhi
Conducted by: Kunal Tyagi
Organized by: Career and Development cell, Ramjas College
Accompanying Faculty: Anil sir, Richa mam

After the success of two events, a visit to the National Stock Exchange was organized by Career and Development Cell, Ramjas College. Its main design was to educate the students about the role of NSE in the Indian economy, their technology advances, its contribution, and components of live trading. In this context, a session of 1.5 hours was conducted with the speaker Mr. Tyagi. Mr. Tyagi began with the brief birth introduction of NSE in the 1990s and orated all the problems associated with exchanges and trading back then. Afterward, he threw light on common technologies used in stock trading such as financial derivatives, risk management, trading, clearing, and settlement, etc. The explanation was delivered in quite a professional and systematic manner that gave the students a thorough insight regarding the operations that take place at one of the biggest stock exchanges of the world.
History and evolution of stock trading and the emergence of NSE, its fact, trading system, and its Technologies, followed by 9 subsidiaries of NSE and the roles that each one place, online trading system, and online training courses of NSE were the main points which were covered. In the session, Mr. Tyagi was appreciated for his incredible presentation as he showed the online trading screen of NEAT (NSE) and explained how trade is carried out in an order-driven system very smoothly. Students were also provided information about online NCFM courses available for various levels. The event was very successful and insightful which helped the society gain favourable feedbacks from the students. All slots were filled during the session. This visit had set another benchmark for the Career and Development Cell which works with the prior goal of catalyzing the career of students.

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