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Travails Of Teenagers During Lock Down

Teenagers are often found to be fond of being independent, able to move freely anywhere without much restriction, and love freedom. But the lockdown proved to be a very challenging task for every teenager out there. The freedom once they had, WAS restricted. We could not move out freely as before. We had to and were locked up at our homes. This was very miserable for all of us. Although there are many advantages of being at home still, we missed the olden days.
But, talking about the brighter side of this lockdown, I can say confidently that many of us got a golden opportunity to learn those hobbies or any such new thing that we always wanted to do, but could not due to lack of time or due to our busy schedules. Many of us, would have learned a new skill or developed a hobby, and some of us would have honed our existing skill sets. Be it trying out the Dalgona coffee or struggling with our online classes or even managing to watch IPL matches without going to the stadiums.

We all have gone through so much. Of course, there was a low. Thought that every other person’s life was sorted unlike yours. But the truth comes out to be that every teenager had gone through this phase or is still going through this phase. Mental health has taken a toll on every teenager’s life.
But if we observe closely, we know that we learned many things during this lockdown as an individual.
The essence of a relationship, the value of family, the value of money in a household, the importance of our mother’s cooking, and finally we understood the difference between temporary and permanent. I think this should be one of the greatest learning and we should see this as a boon, rather than a bane.
All in all, it has been a different and quite adventurous part of every teenager’s life.

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Unconventional Career Options

Career is something we think about a lot while choosing. Deciding one’s career is one of the most difficult undertakings which becomes our metaphorical journey on which we experience work and other aspects of life. And this decision should be taken very wisely to succeed and have a stable working life in future.
And now when the world has turned to what we call ‘the working class there is stiff competition for getting jobs for the conventional career we choose. There is a rigid mindset of people who relate certain career options with a confirmatory ticket to well settled and successful professional life.
For the most recent history, people have followed the straightforward path to solid employment. World shifting to being techno-savvy and gig economy, the horizon for satisfying career options has increased by ten folds. The right kind of knowledge about the career you choose and correct preparation can become the perfect chariot for the career of your dreams.

So first of all what is an unconventional career option?
Unconventional career option is an unusual way of getting a job or a livelihood.
Why should you go for an unconventional career option?
It is not easy to go for an obscure path and become a herculean task for the one choosing it, but at the end of the day, it will give you happiness, passion, and satisfaction for the work you are doing. Additional benefits include:
- Possibility of high salary
- Interesting job opportunity
- Job satisfaction
- Learning new skills
- Self-satisfaction

What can you do to navigate a good unconventional career?
1- Determine your goals- find your passion, your interest and set all the possible goals you can achieve if you work according to the demands of your field of interest.
2- Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer- you heard it! Volunteering is the key. Volunteer for working as an intern or in a workshop or even as a helper for the work you are interested in. Get networks and use them to expand your horizon.
3- Resume- now comes the time when you apply for your dream job. A strong resume is a basic footstep for your dream career. It is the first impression for the recruiter, so make sure it is eye-catching and action-oriented
4- Have a plan- this is very important for any type of career. Your plans can shift as you grow and learn but you should always know where the boat is taking you.
5- Accept failures, learn from them and move on- you have to understand that the path you are choosing is not everyone’s cup of tea, so failures are inexorable, so learn from them and keep trying !!

So here are some unconventional career option that is becoming corps d’ elite these days-
1- Biotechnology-
Biotechnology is a field that revolves around utilizing the biological system with technology to develop products and processes. This sphere included medical biotech, pharmaceutical biotech, plant biotech, cellular biotech, food biotech, environmental biotech, and bioinformatics. The major eligibility criteria for this subject is PCM or PCB, you can go for either, and your bachelor's from sciences.

Each sphere has jobs like:
- Research scientist which is the most preferred option
- Genomics technician
- Research associate
- Trainer
- Research investigator
- Food marketing
- Environmental strategist
- Bio analyst
- Data scientist
The biggest advantage for this felid is its immense potential to grow because it is fuelled by immense human desires to develop new solutions. So the right skills will help you grow a lot in this field.
But it also comes with a disadvantage. The companies which provide jobs for this field are limited and also there is meager scope for this subject in India. Also, this field is research-intensive so the hassle to study will never stop.

2- Sound engineering-
Ever wondered how impeccable audio for films, music, television, radio, web, and live events 
? Well it is the work of the sound engineers. Sound engineering, in simple words, is the process of capturing, recording, editing, manipulating, mixing, reproducing, and delivering any type of sound using a variety of mechanical equipment and digital devices.
The occupation which is related to sound engineering,
- Music arranger
- Composer
- Film sound design
- Game sound developer
- Promo producer
- Dj/ electronic music developer

Skills required for this option are-
- Sound technological knowledge
- Ability to grasp complex concepts quickly
- Familiarity with new technology
- Good communication skills
- Ear for music and high-quality audio
- Salaries vary from 3.5 to 7 lakhs per anum.
Cons- Few institutions provide limited courses.

3- Digital marketing-
With the expansion of digitalization globally, digital marketing has come up to be a new normal. When you are deciding on a career in digital marketing, you might be wondering – Am I fit for this career? Well, digital marketing has something for almost all people. If you enjoy coding, you can easily get a spot as a web developer. Nowadays, even AI is being used to help with Interactive Technology.
It is an extremely wide field that is open for all research purposes, so if you are a learner, it is quite a field for you.
Advantages for choosing this as a career and why can this become a profitable venture for you-
- This field will utilize soft skills so improving your skills will help for future expeditions.
- It is a versatile field, it has something for everybody. Since it is an evolving industry so there is job security.
- Digital marketing jobs are in demand and so, there is a lot of opportunities for you to negotiate your remuneration. One of the best things about digital marketing is that you do not have to be in-house to work. You can also work as a freelancer or remotely. 
But it comes with disadvantages as well,
- The ongoing learning and flexibility for this job are quite high. There are always changing trends, and it demands flexibility.
- Like any other field, this field also has a high competition rate.  As a digital marketer, one of your chief goals will be to rank your page or website on - - Google and make it come up on the first page. Hence, you will be competing with other top pages and several blog pages and websites. The competition is on a global scale making it even more difficult to break through.

4- Food taster-
Are you good at evaluating all types of food with all your senses? If so, you could eat your way to a new career! Hear the job title ‘professional taste tester,’ and you might picture someone who gorges on chocolates all day, taking breaks between bites only long enough to scribble down notes before indulging again. But as our pro tasters will tell you, it’s not all about eating after all.
You need these requirements for persuing this amazing off the track career option-
1- First for first, having a superior sense of taste
2- Learn to speak taste, learning how to describe foods and their attributes is a key part of the role
3- Whether you’re tasting candies, soups, or fine wines, you’ll need to complete “in-depth palate training
4- As a professional taster, you know what you like—but it’s also important to stay in touch with what consumers are demanding. 
5- And at last the old wise words-“never stop improving “.

5) Art Therapist-
Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy, in which clients, facilitated by an art therapist, use the creative process of making art to explore their feelings. Art therapists use the process of self-expression, and the resulting artwork to help clients understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, reduce anxiety, and restore normal function to their lives.
To become an art therapy career, you need to have at least your bachelor's from psychology, internships, and workshops to learn more about this form.
Advantages of choosing art therapy as a career,
- It is a satisfying, rewarding, and fun work
- It gives you personnel skills and life growth and has its own therapeutic healing process
- It is a flexible career option.
- There is a high investment for choosing this career
- People will never understand what you do because art therapists are not normal these days.

Other unconventional careers are,
- Master distiller
- Animation
- Hotel management
- Ethical hacker
- Mobile app developer
- Cosmetologist
- Event planner
So, guys! Stop that tradition of following the conventional ideas to choose so-called high-profile engineering, medical, or teaching professions. It is the time to listen to the pulses of your heart, move beyond the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ to explore that hush-hush talent that you couldn’t ever reveal under the pressure of pursuing a career of society’s choice.

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The ABCs of Dalal Street

In this pandemic, the stock market has become the focus of everybody due to its huge rise and many people have started investing in stocks. But most of the people who think of investing don’t know the process and also there are so many misconceptions about basic stock terms. So this blog clears the basic terminology about stocks.

What are stocks?
-2 possible ways to get profit from stocks
-The changes in taxes for dividends received as per the new budget of 2020.
-What are stock exchanges?
-Ways to trade stocks.
-Importance of stock market in any country
Stocks are a way of getting ownership in a company. So does this mean we have rights in the company’s decisions or how the company should work?
Let's take an example,
So let's say you buy 1,00,000 shares of the company ‘Reliance Industries’. The total number of shares of the company is 6.3billion. The percentage share you hold in the company with these 1,00,000 shares is 0.0015, which is insignificant. 1,00,000 is still a very large number and yet the percentage owned is so small. In Fact, for just 1% ownership in the company, you need to buy roughly 6.3 crore shares of the company. The share price is around 1500 rupees. Now you can imagine what the cost of 6.3 crores would be. But this doesn’t mean we have no say in the company’s decisions, we do have a say in the form of voting rights but the votes are weighted according to the no. of shares held. So most people have a negligible say in these decisions.

The next question arises that even if we own a small percentage of the shares, shouldn’t we get at least some amount of the profit as we are-no matter how small-owners of the company. The answer to this question is YES! There are mainly 2 ways in which you can earn money through shares-
1. The price of the share rises-This is the obvious way of earning profits. You sell a share if its price is above the price you bought it at and the difference is your profit.
2. Dividends- These are part of a company’s profit that is distributed among the shareholders. The shareholders receive some amount for each share they own. In other words, dividends are like rewards to the shareholders for their investment and trust in the company.
As per the new budget of 2020, taxes have been levied on the income received through dividends. Before the budget, dividends were tax-free as companies had to pay dividend distribution tax(DDT) before distributing dividends but now this tax has been abolished.
Now, we have a pretty basic idea of what stocks are; but people are still confused about questions like“why does the stock market exist in the first place?”, " Where and how can we buy and sell shares?” etc.
So stocks are traded at Stock Exchanges. In a broad sense, a stock exchange is a place that brings the government, various organizations, and people together so that trading activities can take place. There are 2 major stock exchanges in India- the Bombay stock exchange(BSE) and the National stock exchange(NSE).

So stocks are traded at stock exchanges. But how are stocks traded?
There are basically 2 ways to buy and sell stocks-
1. Electronic trade-Here, buyers and sellers are matched electronically without knowing the identities of each other.
2. Physical trade-Here, trading is done face to face in a particular area called the “Trading floor”.
Physical trading has become obsolete nowadays and most exchanges now offer the option of electronic trade only.

Now we know the basic stuff about the stock market but why is the stock market important? Why is there a Stock market in all major countries?
The stock market boosts the economy of the country in many ways. Firstly, It helps the companies to raise capital for their business and at the same time offers scope for profits to the investor. This results in the development and progress in the companies and at the same time, the profits to people ensure greater spending on goods and other commodities which is again good for the economy. The stock market is a strong indicator of the state of the economy of the country. This attracts foreign companies and investors to a Country(if they see that the stock market is doing well) which is very positive for the growth of any country.

~ By Yagyansh Agarwal




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